Barbie Care and Share

Barbie Care and Share is a project to refurbish used Barbie dolls and donate them to various agencies. The majority of the dolls are used as holiday gifts, but they’re also used for other things such as birthdays, welcome gifts, or prizes.

We start by cleaning, dressing and fixing the hair of a gently used doll. Then we add a few outfits, a brush, some shoes and accessories, and put it all in a drawstring bag meant for carrying the doll. It also doubles as a handy way to wrap the contents. You can even open the bag, peek at what’s inside, and see if the doll is a blond, brunette, Latina, African-American, etc. in case there is a preference.

Barbie Care and Share started in 2007, having been inspired by an elementary school toy drive in 2006. As of 2022, Barbie Care and Share has given away over 3,600 new and refurbished dolls.

A typical Barbie Bag is a drawstring bag with a doll, some outfits with matching shoes and accessories, and a brush.